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We are a think tank based in Bangladesh that specializes in analyzing the economic and political landscapes of Asian countries. With the continent’s recent surge in growth, our research aims to provide comprehensive insights into a range of issues affecting Asia, including media, policy, development, and migration. We strive to cover every country within the continent
to offer a nuanced understanding of its complex dynamics.

Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh—a country that has gained increasing global relevance due to its rapid development and strategic location—Look Asia begins its focus close to home. While we emphasize Bangladesh’s growing significance on the world stage.
Asian nations have a rich, complex history that has become increasingly influential over the past century, not just economically but also culturally and socially. We aim to highlight and celebrate this rising prominence, delving into what it means to be part of this diverse and dynamic continent.

We produce studies, conduct relevant research, and host conferences that tackle current social and political issues. As we grow, our scope will broaden to encompass an even wider array of topics and concerns.

Comprising professionals and experts from various disciplines, Look Asia values diversity as a cornerstone of effective research and discourse. We believe that voices should be heard irrespective of age, and we are committed to fostering an inclusive approach in all our endeavors.

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Our Work

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